We use site boxes for our contractors and need to lock them off to keep the contents secure. They have cut aways for two padlocks. Would we be able to have the two padlocks open with the same keys? Also, as we have more than one box on site, are we able to mark the padlocks in some way to make it easier for the contractors to tell the which box is which?

We have a large selection of padlocks that are available as keyed alike. This would mean you would be able to open both padlocks with the same key. As you have multiple boxes you could then use a different coloured padlock for each box making it easy for your contractors to identify.

If your box fittings can take a 40mm padlock then you could use coloured padlocks like the Abus T84MB/40. Although normally used as safety padlocks the T84MB/40 are fully marine grade and suited to harsh environmental conditions.  This makes it ideal for use where the site box is left outdoors for long periods of time. The self-locking mechanism on the padlock means it is highly secure against picking and the double bolted case helps against force attacks. Available in 6 colours and as key differ or keyed alike versions.

Where the boxes are left on an unmanned site you may wish to have a greater security level. If the fittings allow the space, then you could use a closed shackle padlock. This would give you greater protection against bolt cropper attacks. The Abus 90RK/50 is a closed shackle padlock, with reinforced walls and meets with the CEN 3 insurance rating. The stainless steel body and shackle make it ideal for use on sites subject to severe weather or environmental conditions.


These site boxes are often used bolted onto the rear of vehicles. In this instance you may not want the padlocks clattering against the box as the vehicle is in motion. A popular choice on trailers is the Abus 70IB series and these would work well on the site boxes too. The protective plastic sheath over the body and shackle gives this padlock great protection against harsh weather conditions. It is also acts as a buffer against the padlock hitting against the metal site box and scratching the paintwork.